“Lucas loves coming to Mind Matters. His reading has improved so much that the embarrassment he felt is gone!”
Shirley R.

Given that every adult, child and family situation is unique, the services that we offer at Mind Matters are developed specifically to target each individual’s needs. 

We also offer computer-based programs and one-on-one classes for individuals struggling with learning disabilities, inattention, and difficulty with organization and prioritizing.

Medical Evaluations and Diagnosis             

A complete medical evaluation is available with our staff physician, Dr. Ryan Thompson. The focus of this evaluation is to establish an accurate diagnosis through a physical examination, detailed interview, review of prior medical/school records, and specialized laboratory testing if needed. Many behavioral concerns may be caused or influenced by genetic, medical or environmental issues, which, when recognized, will influence the most effective treatment. Further testing and/or office appointments may be necessary prior to establishing a diagnosis and making treatment recommendations.


"My son's self confidence has grown tremendously. He no longer says 'I can't'"
Peter Q.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Evaluations       

Autism evaluations are done by our Clinical Psychologist, David Simons, PhD. This is a three part assessment which involves multiple testing measures and a written report at completion.

Dietary, Supplemental and Prescription Treatments

A nutritional approach to treatment is often beneficial for patients who carry a diagnosis of ADD/ADHD or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).  After an assessment of current eating habits, recommendations may be made for an improved diet specific to the individual. Included in this might be dietary supplements which have been shown to improve neurological function. The choice of supplements may be guided by the results of blood, urine or stool testing.

Prescription treatment is an option for individuals with ADD/ADHD, though it is not the first course of action in most cases.  Careful thought and discussion will be made before a medication is prescribed.  Possible side effects, lifestyle and personal preferences are all taken into consideration.

Individual and Family Counseling       

We recognize that our clients have unique needs and that they can benefit from the support of an understanding staff.  Mind Matters provides a warm, non-judgmental environment where clients are listened to, understood, and given concrete tools to empower them in living with their diagnosis.


"I can't say enough good things about our experience with Mind Matters. With minimal visits we have gained an abundant amount of information and our family is much happier. Thank you."
Yvonne L.

Our staff uses Cognitive Behavioral Strategies, Mindfulness practices, play therapy, and organizational coaching to treat the following conditions: 

  • Inattention

  • Impulsivity

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Oppositional Behavior

Counseling provides support and behavioral interventions to assist families in creating a home environment in which they not only survive, but thrive.

Learning Assessments

Mind Matters provides testing for learning disabilities such as dyslexia, visual and auditory processing disorders and general intellectual ability.

REO (Receptive Expressive Observation) is an effective tool used to assess learning disabilities such as symbol rotation problems, low digit recall, attention and impulse control issues, fine motor difficulties, spatial organizational traits and articulation errors.  This condensed testing, which takes about 45 minutes, is the first step in diagnosing a learning disability.  

Recommendations for therapeutic interventions will be made following the testing and analysis.

The Woodcock-Johnson III Test of Achievement is a standardized method of testing for intellectual ability as well as specific achievement and cognitive skills.  Using 10 separate tests including verbal comprehension, visual auditory learning, spatial relations, sound blending, concept formation, short term memory and auditory working memory, we can determine specific problem areas and provide information for planning educational programs.  The results are computer generated for scoring consistency and include both the age and grade norms.

Social Skills Training     

Social Skills Training is a form of behavior therapy used by teachers, therapists, and trainers to help people who have difficulties relating to other people. A major goal of social skills training is teaching individuals verbal, as well as nonverbal, behaviors involved in social interactions.


"Mind Matters grant funding made it possible for our daughter to participate in the Fast ForWord program, which just may have saved her life academically."
Joan S.

Parent Education Opportunities and Support       

Mind Matters offers a variety of programs for parents and caregivers throughout the year. Various members of our professional staff address issues such as social learning deficits, inattention, parenting strategies, and "the homework monster", through counseling, workshops, behavioral interventions, and in-home support.


Fast ForWord     

Fast ForWord, which was developed by Scientific Learning ( is a computer based reading and language intervention program which has been proven to improve reading achievement in students.

Based on the latest developments in neuroscience, it begins by strengthening the foundations of basic language skills: memory, attention, processing and sequencing.  The program will then follow the student through an increasingly challenging and sophisticated level of reading skills.  Each student progresses through these levels according to his/her own rate of success.  Immediate positive enforcement is built into the program.  In addition, our specially trained staff will give one-on-one personal coaching to move your child along.  A number of positive and motivational methods are used to keep the student interested and advancing through the program.

"I have noticed a significant change in Emily's attitude and ability to focus on a subject. She just did not have this before the Fast ForWord program.”

Fast ForWord classes are held 5 days a week for 8 weeks (6 week classes are available during the summer).


Mind Matters is an authorized provider for Cogmed, a web-based program that can help improve attention by improving working memory. Both children and adults may benefit, especially those with ADD/ADHD.  Following an initial evaluation, the program requires a commitment of 30-45 minutes a day, 5 days a week, for 5 weeks of computer work at home. Clients will have weekly check in appointments with our office, either by phone or in person, and we will assess their progress.

From the Cogmed website:

Cogmed Working Memory Training is evidence based training program developed by neuroscientists to improve attention in individuals with weak working memory.  Cogmed is backed by peer-review, controlled research done in leading universities around the world and is proven to show real life improvements in 80% of users.

Mind Builder

Mind Builder is a unique learning system that offers effective strategies for treating dyslexia, ADD, ADHD, learning disabilities and reading challenges. Based on the Edu-Therapeutics model, Mind Builder uses motivating games and activities to change the way an individual uses their brain.

Classes are offered as a 30 minute, one-on-one instruction, twice a week for four weeks.


"Thank you to you and your staff for the wonderful work with our autistic son. Here's a small contribution and symbol of our appreciation. Keep up the good work."

The S. Family