Review from Peter Q

“My son’s self confidence has grown tremendously. He no longer says ‘I can’t.’” Peter Q.”


"I can't say enough good things about our experience with Mind Matters. With minimal visits we have gained an abundant amount of information and our family is much happier. Thank you."
Yvonne L.


"Mind Matters grant funding made it possible for our daughter to participate in the Fast ForWord program, which just may have saved her life academically."
Joan S.


"Thank you to you and your staff for the wonderful work with our autistic son. Here's a small contribution and symbol of our appreciation. Keep up the good work."
The S. Family


General Reviews

“I received excellent support and counseling for my ADD issues”

“Everyone at Mind Matters is friendly, caring, knowledgeable and understanding”

“Both my son and I love visiting there and feel great when we leave”

“She has made so much progress and growth, it was amazing to watch.” —S. Peters

“We cannot thank Mind Matters enough for everything you have done for our family. In the last year, your organization has provided so much support and answers that we were unable to find anywhere else.” —S. Gibson

“Thank you for caring so much about my family. ” —Sabrina F.


Reviews About Fast ForWord

“Lucas loves coming to Mind Matters. His reading has improved so much that the embarrassment he felt is gone!”
—Shirley R.

“Thank you for providing such a caring, nurturing, atmosphere.”

"My son's self-confidence has grown tremendously. He no longer says 'I can't.' "
—Peter Q.

“After just two weeks my son is reading whole words now.”

“Ivan has learned to speak words that he couldn’t before the program.”

“I believe that without this class our son would have struggled throughout school and eventually given up.”

"Mind Matters grant funding made it possible for our daughter to participate in the Fast ForWord program, which just may have saved her life academically."  —Joan S.

“The amount of confidence I’ve seen in my daughter after coming to Mind Matters Fast ForWord program is off the charts.”
—Rebecca V.

“I think I am a great reader now!”
—child who participated in Fast ForWord

"I have noticed a significant change in Emily's attitude and ability to focus on a subject. She just did not have this before the Fast ForWord program.”


Reviews About Mind Builder

“This has been such a warm, comforting, educational class that has allowed my child to learn, improve and gain confidence. I couldn’t have asked for more.” —Amanda B.

“This has been an amazing experience. My daughter has grown tremendously. Thank you for all that you do.”

“We have thoroughly enjoyed watching Steven flourish as a child and become more confident in his everyday abilities. This is all thanks to Mind Matters Clinic.”

“I am a great reader now.” —child who participated in Mind Builder


 Reviews About Social Skills Classes & Camp

“I love that he is able to connect with kids who see the world in the same way he does.”

“The bonding between kids and seeing alternatives to old habits was really helpful.”

“He has a deeper understanding of why his peers react the way they do.”

“He has made great strides in his ability to carry on a conversation with me and his friends.”

“My child enjoyed having conversations about the difficult parts of socializing.”

“My child seems to have a greater understanding of human behavior.”