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Play therapy

Our licensed therapists provide a warm and comfortable environment, offering support and behavioral interventions targeted to the unique needs of our clientele. Mindfulness, EMDR, play therapy, and parent coaching are some of the tools used to help those living with autism, ADD/ADHD, or a learning disability, and empower them to live their best lives. 


Social Skills Groups

Social skills development

Social Skills groups are taught in a safe, small group of peers, and involves understanding behavior and how it impacts others, learning to take the perspective of others, how to pick up on social cues, and developing friendships. We have lots of fun in these groups!


Mind Builder

Educational game

Mind Builder is a unique learning system that offers effective strategies for treating dyslexia, ADD/ADHD, learning disabilities and reading challenges. Based on the Edu-Therapeutics model, Mind Builder is taught one on one using motivating games and activities to change the way an individual uses their brain.


Fast ForWord

Fast ForWord reading program

Fast ForWord, developed by Scientific Learning, is a computer-based reading and language intervention program and based on the latest developments in neuroscience. It has been proven to improve reading achievement and build confidence. This is a powerful program, with great results.


Barton Reading & Spelling Program

Reading and spelling program

The Barton Reading and Spelling Program is a structured literacy program influenced by the Orton-Gillingham method. Carefully researched and evidence based, it targets students who struggle to decode words when reading, slow or inaccurate readers, and those who have always had difficulty with spelling, especially in writing sentences, stories, and compositions. Thanks to a generous grant, we have been offering this program in three local schools with great success!

Fast Forword
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