Why We Love Our Clients

Why We Love Our Clients

Here we are in February, the month of love. Sure, we all think of flowers and chocolates and other lovely treats, but, here at Mind Matters our clients are our treat.

We love them because:

¬ They often show us another way to approach a problem or an experience. Especially those with ADD/ADHD can be highly creative and truly think out of the box. How refreshing!

¬ How about seeing someone never giving up? No matter how many ups and downs come their way, they continue on. Here at Mind Matters our clients remind us that each day is new and full of possibility!

¬ Unconditional love – we often have a child tell us that he/she is so happy when with his/her mom or dad. “My Mom always knows how to make me feel happy” one young boy told one of our staff yesterday. How gratifying to be loved so totally. It warms our hearts just to see it!

¬ Sometimes a person who doesn’t fit the norm can show us what is truly important in life. A person isn’t about the clothes he/she wears, the trips he/she takes, the scores on tests, but, simply what is in his/her heart, what he/she says, shows, and feels. Look beyond the obvious and be open to all the wonder that is really in front of you!

So, thank you to you, our Mind Matters clients. You show us all of the above and more. We love you for letting us be a small part of your world!

If you or someone you know might be affected by autism spectrum disorder, ADD/ADHD, or a learning disability, please contact us at 209-728-2184 or go to our website www.mimdmattersclinic.org or send us an email office@mindmattersclinic.org.

If you would like to help by donating to keep Mind Matters sustainable and continuing to help those who need our services, please consider making a one-time or monthly donation.

Happy February to all from me, Trudy Lackey, Executive Director, and our professional and compassionate staff.