Watching Your Baby Grow

Matters on My Mind.

January 2018 - Happy New Year! Hope your new year is starting out great! Here at Mind Matters we have had two staff members with new additions to their families, a grand-daughter and a great-nephew arrived in early January. Although, of course, they are both adorable and perfect, it got me thinking about some of the developmental milestones as they each grow and learn new things. Because every child develops at his or her own pace, your child may be right on schedule or he/she may reach these milestones a little earlier or a little later than other children of the same age. The following are just some guidelines to pay attention to and, if concerned, talk with your child’s doctor or nurse. At seven months children often can turn their head when their name is called. They will smile back at you [a truly joyful moment for the one receiving the smile!]. They may enjoy a game of peek-a-boo and respond to a sound with their own sound.

At twelve months children may wave bye –bye and will often imitate your actions, such as clapping when you do. A child may start saying ma, ma or da, da [another joyful day for the parents!]. At this age a child should understand and respond when you say no. At eighteen months children start pretending and love to “talk” on a toy phone. Your child may start pointing at things and look when you point at an object. Two year olds, we all know can be quite challenging, but, they also may start using 2-4 word phrases and be able to identify an object or picture. Two year olds start becoming more interested in other children. At 3, your pre-schooler will be using 4 to 5 word sentences. They will enjoy make-believe, as well as imitating other adults and children and, for example, run when they run. They will be happy playing with other children and often show affection for playmates. When your child is 4 he/she is able to use 5-6 words in a sentence and follow 3-step instructions such as brush your teeth, wash your face and put on your shoes. These are typical stages of development, but remember each child is unique and will fall within a range for each developmental level.

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