Fee Schedule

Consultation with Dr. Thompson $241
Subsequent office visits with Dr. Thompson $85-$170
Consultation with Dr. Simons $225
Therapy sessions with Dr. Simons $150
Counseling sessions with Sarah Krutsinger, MFT $125
Learning Disability Screening $150
Fast ForWord Program $1500
Irlen Screening $150
WISC 5 Test $375 (3 hours)
Additional WISC 5 testing time $125/hr.
CogMed Program $850
Mind Builder Classes $375
Autism Evaluation $900 (7 hours)
Additional Austism testing time $125/hr.
Social Skills Class $260 per 8 class session
Cancelled appointment without 24 hr. notice $40
Missed appointment fee $60


Mind Matters accepts payment by cash, check, debit or credit (Visa, Master Card, and Discover).


Dr. Thompson is a participating provider for most major PPO insurance plans and we can bill your insurance for his services. Prior to the first appointment, please make sure that ADD/ADHD or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a covered benefit/diagnosis under your plan. Some insurance companies consider these mental health services that are only payable to a psychiatrist.

We can also, as a courtesy, bill insurance for Dr. Simons and our therapists. As they are not participating providers under any insurance plans, payment may be reimbursed at an "out of network" rate and/or may be subject to a separate deductible.

Mind Matters does not accept Medi-Cal and we are not providers for California Health and Wellness or Blue Cross Medi-Cal.

Grants & Financial Aid

We may have grant funding available to offset the cost of services if you qualify. To apply please complete the Financial Aid form below and return it to the office along with copies of your most recent paystubs. Once a determination has been made by our grant committee we will contact you.

** If you are a new patient and you need grant funding for the initial consultation, please complete the financial aid form and mail or fax it to us PRIOR to your first appointment.

Download the Financial Aid form (PDF) →